Hackney Unison AGM! Wednesday 21st Feb 12-2! [ get there earlier to register and for sandwiches!] And we’re back in the Town Hall!

Calling ALL Unison members, Notice of Annual General Meeting on 21st February 2018: 1145 – 1400 in the Hackney Town Hall Assembly Rooms

This year Hackney UNISON Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place between 12 – 1400 on Wednesday 21st February 2018 in the Assembly Rooms at Hackney Town Hall!

But get there 11.45 if you can to register and for sandwiches and juice, teas and coffees!

All Hackney UNISON members should and are entitled to attend, as in previous years, time off to attend has been agreed by Human Resources.

More information for you (and your managers) about time off to attend the UNISON AGM can be found here. You do however have to tell your manager! Let them know you’re attending so they can arrange cover (if they need to).

We want to see you there!

We have 2500 working members in the branch, and the more that attend, the more we can see how powerful we will be if we stand and work together in union!

Speakers at the start will include:

  • Cllr Carole Williams, the lead Cllr for Employment, Skills and Human Resources,
  • Hugo Pierre of Camden UNISON and UNISON Black Members National Executive Council and;
  • Rob Williams of the National Shops Stewards Network (NSSN)


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Hackney Unison send letter of support to Jeremy Corbyn

Hi all

The Hackney Unison Branch Committee  voted unanimously to send this letter of support to Jeremy Corbyn at our July meeting

“Hackney Local Government Branch Committee sends a message of support to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn 
and urges him to stay strong in his commitment to serve the 100s of 1000s of Labour and trade union members who elected him.
We as a branch committee believe it is vital for our members that Corbyn stays as leader of the Labour Party, as only his policies talk to the mass of the working class and Labour voters who could elect a new Labour Government.
We urge other branches to send similar letters of support
Hackney Local Government Unison Branch Committee”

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Hackney Local Government Unison Branch Officers 2016

The recent Hackney Unison AGM ratified the following branch officer elections

Branch Secretary – Elected Unopposed – Lee Ray and Karen Lynn

Branch Chair – Elected Unopposed – Brian Debus

Health and Safety – Elected Unopposed – Andy Clifford and Lee Ray

Publicity officer – Elected Unopposed – Dionne Thompson and Glyn Harries

International Officer – Elected Unopposed – Karen Lynn

All posted agreed unanimously

The following positions were elected at the AGM

Treasurer – Elected Unanimously at AGM – Ross Hatfield

Education – John Sedemo – elected unanimously

Equalities – Marvin Hay – elected unanimously

We have 2 positions unfilled, Membership and Welfare

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Hackney Unison AGM 2016 Report!

150 Unison members attended Hackney Unison’s AGM at The Round Chapel on Wednesday 24th Feb 2016

We kicked off with 3 speakers, David Davies of NUT/ Hackney Teachers Association asking for support in their campaign against budget cuts for Hackney schools of c 7.5% and a further Tory proposal to shift funds from urban to rural areas would see a disastrous 23% cut in funding for Hackney schools.

Next up was George Fuller from the successful Anti-Blacklisting Campaign, who told the AGM how Blacklisting has been exposed at a recent Employment Tribunal and then in Parliament, that a successful claim was made at the High Court in Feb 2016 and the case going to Royal Courts in May 2016. Blacklisting is where people, usually union activists, can’t get jobs as employers put their name on a secret ‘blacklist’. Google ‘Blacklisting’ for more details

Finally Nicholas Walker, a Junior Doctor from Homerton Hospital spoke about their ongoing dispute re working weekends. He stated that Junior Doctors want a fair contract for doctors and a safe service for patients and as the Govt is not listening to doctors they have had to take their first industrial action for 40 years in Feb 2016

Hackney parks steward Andy Clifford then gave a rousing speech calling for people to support and be active in the union saying – “tell your colleagues. Do they want to be doing the work of two people in years to come?” and “do we allow management to erode our conditions? We can sit and hide or we can fight back”

Hackney Unison Branch Officers were then ratified – see article below

Lee Ray, our Joint Branch Secretary, then gave the Secretaries Report, stating it has been hard work in the last 6 months taking over from Matthew Waterfall, who sends greetings! Lee stated there are serious issues ahead inc. £20 million cuts decided at the Hackney Council Budget Meeting Wednesday March 2nd. Lee stated we need to fight this government and need a branch strategy to fight these cuts. He continued that there are lots of Restructures going on which we have to be involved with and due to this and VR we are losing lots of great reps and we need more people to become reps.

Karen Lynn, Joint Branch Sec and Lead Education Convenor, then spoke saying she is acting in a supportive role to Lee due to the work she already has in Education. She stated she worked on re-establishing ‘self-organised’ groups this year. LGBTIQ, Black Members are both operating and sent full quota of people to conference this year and the Women’s and Young Peoples and Disabled are not operating and any interest please contact Karen.

Abe Gibson, Estate Cleaner, spoke from the floor and said he would ‘Like to thank secretaries for their work .. union and workers must stick together’ and that we ‘want to offer support to Junior Doctors … how can we support’

Simon Palastanga Outgoing Treasurer presented the Treasurers Report, which was circulated in the AGM Packs.

Mick Gosling the Auditor, presented the Auditors report stating the accounts were in order. Ross Hatfield, Housing Benefits steward was then nominated and elected unanimously.

Regional Officer Dick Traynor then gave his report thanking the ‘… Branch Secretaries and reps for their hard work and dedication and thank members in these difficult times’. Dick spoke about the national Pay Offer. Unison has asked for £1 an hour. The employers have offered a 1% pay rise. There has been indicative ballot nationally which showed a majority against the Pay Offer and there may be strike action this year. Dick then spoke about the Trade Union Bill, a major issue which will see scrapping of the check off system, threshold of strikes to increase significantly, and campaigning work re e.g. cuts made illegal. He stated that Unison have put a lot of pressure on an currently in House of Lords and that LBH have passed a motion opposing the TU Bill. Dick finished by saying that for London Mayor, Unison are supporting Sadiq Khan, a Unison member who wants to work with trade unions and will freeze bus fairs and fight cuts in council spending.

The meeting then debated 3 motions [ see details in the AGM pack. Copies in the Unison office] Motion 1 was called ‘No Cuts in Local Government’ and proposed by Marvin Hay, calling for the council to not make cuts by implementing a  “no cuts budget”. Ross Hatfield spoke against saying he thought this strategy was unsustainable and could lead to bankruptcy and central govt takeover. Brian Debus also spoke in favour saying it is not a long term strategy but needed to help create a campaign that can force the govt to backtrack.

The motion passed 40-10-c100 abstentions

Motion 2 was for a ‘Oppose Council Cuts Lobby’ – proposed by Brain Debus. Brian stated it is time to stop cuts and for an alternative. Lee Ray seconded, stating Hackney Unison has not had a demo for 3 years. There were no speakers against and the motion was carried overwhelmingly.

Motion 3 was titled ‘No to Terrorism and War in Syria’ proposed by Brian Debus. One speaker against, Chris Thomson proposed an exemption for military action for ‘Safe Havens’ etc. The AGM agreed to defer to branch committee and to await amendment.

Brian Debus closed the meeting thanking members for attending, reminded members that the new directors are all receiving pay rises of £10 to £20k, and urged us to stand united together, to fight together and get rid of this rotten Tory Govt.



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Kill The Housing Bill! 13 March 2016

Unison nationally is supporting the National “Kill the Housing Bill”march in London on the 13 March 2016 12:00pm–3:00pm meet Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3TL

see https://www.unison.org.uk/events/kill-housing-bill/

Click to access KtHBbriefingJan2016_web.pdf

“Join the national housing demonstration to protest against the Housing and Planning Bill, which will hit social housing and the workforce.

The Bill will:

  • sell off existing council homes to the highest bidder;
  • remove secure tenancies;
  • imposes ‘pay to stay’ market-linked rent rises for council and housing association tenants, if the combined income of two members of a household  is more than0k (£40k in London);
  • means increased rents and longer waiting lists;
  • educes rights for private renters and Travellers;
  • replaces ‘affordable’ homes for rent with ‘starter homes’ most cannot afford.

Meet at 12 noon,  Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3TL.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3TL Get directions


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Hackney Unison support the National Stop War on the Kurds demonstration Sunday 6th March

stwksAt this week’s branch committee Hackney Unison passed the following motion and encourage members to support this demonstration. Check http://www.stopwaronkurds.org for more details


This branch/committee/union notes

– the recent attacks on Kurdish communities in Turkey by the Turkish military, that have killed nearly 200 people, including senior politicians and community activists

– that the 25 million Kurds in Turkey have suffered decades of repression including the deaths of 30,000 Kurds in a war for autonomy and civil rights in the 1980s/90s

– that there are 300,000 Kurdish refugees in the UK

– that the Kurdish community had overwhelmingly supported the HDP party which received over 12% or 6 million votes at elections in 2015, a party calling for equal rights for Kurds and labour and other civil rights for minorities in Turkey

– that the Turkish state responded to this vote for peace and rights, by attacking Kurdish cities with helicopter gunships, occupying with tanks and using snipers to murder activists

– the support for ISIS in Syria by Turkey including allowing free flow of ISIS soldiers and weapons across the border and treatment of ISIS casualties in Turkish hospitals, while stopping aid to Kurdish fighters in Syria

– that Turkey is a member of NATO and a key ally of the UK [and USA] in the Middle East and is supported by the UK in its attacks on the Kurds, that UK business earn millions from arms/security deals in Turkey including Land Rover, and continues to criminalise membership of the PKK, the liberation movement of the majority of Kurds in Turkey and the UK, which restricts Kurds ability to organise politically

– the damaging environmental and political dangerous dam and pipeline building programmes in Kurdish areas of Turkey like the Ilisu Dam project

This branch/committee/union believes

– that the UK government needs to put pressure on Turkey to stop attacks on the Kurds, and to finally give Kurds equal rights in Turkey, which it can do due to Turkeys desire to join the EU, and membership of NATO.

– that the UK Trade unions and Left and Green movement need to help create a solidarity movement to put significant pressure on the UK government to take action against Turkey

This branch/committee/union resolves 

– to support the national STOP TURKEYS WAR ON THE KURDS! Break the Silence!  demonstration on Sunday March 6th 2016 by publicising, providing transport and helping finance12801251_533189463529293_2789312083247186157_n

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Hackney Unison supports the Junior Doctors!

Hackney Unison Branch Committee passed this motion at our meeting this week.

Hackney Unison branch committee notes that the Government, through health minister Jeremy Hunt, has signalled their intention to impose the new contract on Junior Doctors from this August. 

We note that a number of NHS chief executives, although supportive of the new contract have opposed imposition under pressure. But Hunt is threatening cuts to funding if they don’t carry it out. 

We support the defiant struggle of the Junior Doctors and their union the BMA, which is continuing with further days of strike action which will be supplemented by a legal challenge. 

We condemn the contract imposition and resolve to give support and solidarity to the BMA and their members in the action that they take, including local protests and lobbies to pressure Trusts to refuse to implement the contract. 

We call on the NEC and all constituent parts of the union and branches to invite BMA members to address their meetings and visit Junior Doctors’ picket lines. 

We believe that this imposition is part and parcel of a wider Tory attack on the NHS, including the real likelihood of similar changes to terms and conditions of other NHS workers 

We therefore resolve that Unison should call on the TUC to urgently convene a special General Council with an invitation to the BMA and the other health unions. 

This meeting should discuss organising an emergency Saturday national demonstration on the theme of ‘Defending the NHS, supporting the Junior Doctors’ and co-ordinating industrial action against Tory health service cuts and their effect on health workers, such as the attack on NHS bursaries 

We believe that such a demonstration could coincide with planned industrial action called by the BMA Junior Doctors committee


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Hackney Unison AGM 2016!

Hi Hackney Local Government Unison members!
A reminder that we have our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 24th February 2016, between 12 and 2pm, though please get there to register at 11.45, at The Round Chapel, Lower Clapton Road, E5 OLY.
This is the most important Unison meeting of the year where members decide on the policy of the union for the year ahead and agree elections of the Branch Officers. All council, Hackney Homes and Learning Trust Unison members have 1.5 hours, in addition to the lunch hour, time off agreed by management to attend this meeting.
Hackney Council is facing budget cuts of £60 million in the next 3 years and if we want to defend our jobs and services we deliver we need maximum unity to stop the governmenst onslaught against the public sector.
Don’t leave it to someone else to defend your job and your service!
There is a hot lunch and drinks for all who attend.

AGM Flyer 2016 pdf v3 (1)P1010309

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Solidarity with the Junior Doctors strikes in Hackney January 2016.

Hackney Unison Branch Secretaries will be on the Junior Doctors picket line on Tuesday 12th January 2016

A statement from our sister Unison branch at Homerton Hospital

“Hi all

… the doctors are coming out on strike after talks with the Government over the proposed new contract broke down. The main issue is still the same – inadequate contractual safeguards on safe working and cuts in unsocial hours payments which will slash wages for those working shifts. If the Government wins, it will pave the way to pushing this through for all NHS workers.

There are 3 dates announced

• 8am, Tuesday 12 January to 8am, Wednesday 13 January — emergency care only
• 8am, Tuesday 26 January to 8am Thursday 28 January — emergency care only
• 8am to 5pm, Wednesday 10 February — full withdrawal of labour
On Tuesday 12th January there will be a picket line at main hospital entrance from 8am and probably the back entrance on Clifden Road. This will be maintained all day.

The doctors are also planning to have groups doing ‘Meet the Doctors’ by Homerton Station in the morning/ evening commuter rush and in front of Hackney Town Hall over lunchtime (1-2pm).

Please do join them at any of these times if possible and encourage your members to do so.

If I get more specific times for the Homerton Station I will let you know and will also update you before the next strike dates.

In solidarity

Lorna Solomon
Homerton Hospital UNISON branch ”

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Defend Our National Health Service – Save our Student Bursary for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals March Saturday January 9th!

The government are proposing to scrap the NHS student bursary and from 2017, are asking future nurses, midwives and other allied health professionals to pay up to £50,000 to train to care. Our future nurses and midwives will never pay this debt off and we are the least paid members of society. Often, we’re already in debt from our first degrees, why perpetuate this false economy? Whose high interest rates fall, again, into the hands of for-profit enterprise.

This started as a student protest but we stand in solidarity with the wider movement defending our NHS. We work in hospital as part of our training: we bath, feed, administer medication, tend wounds, manage extreme emotions, visit people in their homes, wear our heart on our sleeves, with a smile on our face every day that we go to work. We care: bringing hope to the most most troubled and in support of those most in need.

We need to learn in hospital, under supervision of good, efficient nurses and midwives but we also need to learn from research, from best practice. The government funds research, it needs to start using it. As student nurses, midwives and other allied health professionals, our bursary means we are paid roughly £3 for each hour we work in hospital. This does not cover our living costs but it does offer some support in an increasingly money driven society.

The government needs to consult practitioners not those with commercial interests.

We stand with the general public: our representatives in parliament, clinicians, health and social care workers, the Royal College of Nursing, Unison, Unite, the Royal College of Midwives, the Peoples Assembly, University and College Union, the National Health Action Party, the Student Assembly Against Austerity, The National Health Singers.

We are calling for solidarity from allied health care workers and members of the public to support. Want to find out more? Want to help out? Get in touch. See you on the streets.

Speakers include nurses, midwives and supporting MPs.





Meet at St Thomas Hospital, Westminster Bridge 12pm. We will march down York Road to Waterloo Bridge and then across to the Strand. From here we will make our way down Whitehall to Downing Street. Please see the pinned post below for the map!

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