Uniformed Service

A man wearing a silly uniform

As Council staff witnessed the dawning of a brave new world on February 1st with the opening of the new Hackney Service Centre a corporate edict was announced requiring all staff to adhere to a dress code, but two months on what has happened? 

Hackney Unison received scores of enquiries about the unpopular decision to introduce the code and raised those concerns with senior management however to date we are yet to receive a definitive response. 

Some staff in finance complained that their managers were ruthlessly enforcing the code threatening workers with disciplinary action if they refused to doll themselves up for work. Other staff complained that the guidelines given were unclear and inappropriate, however the main gripe that staff had was that they had not been consulted over the matter and felt the unilateral decision was draconian. 

Hackney Unison believes that staff who feel comfortable in their surroundings and their appearance provide a better service to punters. We think that it is a workers ability that should be valued and not what they wear to work.  

Anyhow in the absence of a response from management on the issue and in an attempt to gauge the true feelings of staff on the matter we are seeking your help in establishing whether or not staff think a dress code is a good idea. Please register your opinion by clicking on the poll to the right.



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2 responses to “Uniformed Service

  1. Matto

    I think dress codes are really silly

  2. Amanda Sanders

    As long as we’re clean and tidy I don’t think the public care what clothes we wear.

    Getting a good service is far more important, and who trusts men in suits nowadays (bankers, estate agents etc…)

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