Performance and Strategy Review

The Council has asked Unison to consider an alteration to the current job matching process as part of the Performance and Strategy review.

Management think that the current process which matches the tasks contained within deleted job descriptions with those listed in JDs proposed as part of a restructure will not best serve to minimise redundancies as they also plan to change the way that JDs are written moving towards a competency based approach.

Although there are clear benefits in using competencies rather than duties as a redundancy selection method the current process, albeit fairly crude, does afford staff some considerable protection against dismissal which must be maintained.

The Council is claiming that the new scheme will only be used in this review however it is likely that as the recession starts to impact more on public services the authority will be looking to carry out more and more cross departmental reviews and so if the process is successfully trialed in Performance and strategy then it may well be adopted corporately.

We have arranged with the Best Use of Resources team to carry out a matching exercise on 13th May to see how the proposed system will work and members should rest assured that Unison will not agree to any terms which are less favourable than those staff currently have.

These proposed changes could end up affecting every single member of staff in the Council so it is important that officers consider the implications of them seriously.

The proposals can be viewed by clicking on the link under the Consultation header on the right hand side and all comments and suggestions will be collated and taken forward to management as part of the consultation process.


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