Take No Notice

The Council has refused to provide Unison with a key to the new notice boards in the Hackney Service Centre despite us campaigning for access for over three years.

The decision was taken by customer services supremo Mike Sofianos following their installation last month .

The Council now expects Unison to run every notice through a Council communications ‘executive’ every time we want to put something up but we believe this is tantamount to censorship.

Unison believes the real reason behind the key ban is that the Council is worried that our notices to members will breach strict corporate style guides which currently see the HSC shrouded in a distinctly dull greyness.

many members have complained about the drab interior of the new Council  mega hub with some recounting stories about how they have fallen foul of the ruthless enforcement of uniformity metered out by CCS operatives.

In one case a long serving member of staff was asked to remove their long service certificate celebrating their 25 year commitment to the people of Hackney from a locker after basically being told it made the place look scruffy.

Although most staff have taken the move to the HSC in their stride many have complained about how uninspiring and the mind numbing effect it has on them 

Unison believes that staff should be able to personalise their areas and that it is the diversity and vibrancy of this borough and its workforce that make the Council such an interesting place to work. Rather than stifling creativity in departments it should be positively encouraged  and if that means the odd pot plant and photo here and there then so be it.

As for the notice boards we will take the matter up with councillors who we’re sure will agree that the proposed arrangements are inefficient and unnecessarily obstructive.

In the mean time watch this space



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2 responses to “Take No Notice

  1. Susan

    In the best interest of health and well being, bearing in mind so many staff working in such close close proximity, having plants in the HSC would seem to be a must and a morale lifter.

  2. John Ramsey

    I have now resigned from Hackney in order to move to the Channel Islands. However, before I left I was interested to note that the trees planned for the Atrium at HSC have not appeared and seem to have been quietly “cut ” (or should that be pruned).
    This makes me very sad, and I believe that trees are worth fighting for. I think they are certainly worth emigrating to Guernsey for.

    Put up a parking lot, or an office that’s like a multistory in our case.

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