Will the Real Labour Party Please Stand Up?

Members will hopefully be aware of the ongoing spending review nightmare and the human misery promised by the Tory led coalition government and also that the branch was mandated on 4th October to write to all councillors asking them for their support and views etc on the cuts. 

The letter sent from Hackney Unison can be viewed here: Cllr Cuts Letter. So far we have only received a single response from Cllr Linden (cabinet member for crime, sustainability, and customer services) which can be viewed here: Cllr Linden’s Response.  

Firstly it’s great the Cllr Linden replied so promptly and within the ten days set out under the council’s customer care standards, we think it fair to say that in this regard she has mastered her brief, however to date we are yet to receive a response from the other 51 we wrote to.

The councillors response although promptly supplied stops short of confirming, well anything really, other than of course what was already known which is that 25% is the target for savings.

Hackney Unison believes that voters in this borough backed the Labour Party at the last election, returning more councillors and MPs with greater majorities, because they felt the party would stick up for them during these troubled times.

Labour now controls the London Councils with overall control in 17  boroughs representing in excess of 3.5million Londoners. It could make a real and concerted effort now to challenge the ill-conceived Tory plans to sack 490,000 public servants  over the next couple of years. 

With unemployment already high what hope do redundant public sector workers have of finding alternative work? And if the private sector can take up the slack then in all reality it will pay lower wages, worse terms for less satisfying work designed at driving as much profit out of us consumers as possible!

There is real fear at the moment amongst workers, it’s  been simmering since the bankers took the money and ran away with our taxes! and so now is the time for local Labour councils to stand up and show a credible alternative to what is being planned by the government rather than tacitly accepting the Tory onslaught. We’re not asking for a return to the Militant Liverpool days but surely half of London can’t be too far off the mark?


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