Top Tier Restructure

Members’ disappointment grows as cuts at the top fall short of expectations.

Unison members are upset that the pain which is being dished out to the rank and file is not being felt further up the chain of commend. Anger is growing since the release of the top-tier restructuring document earlier this month which set out the chief Executive’s plans to reorganise the Hackney Management Team but staff were left bemused as there appeared to be little or no changes other than a few job titles!

Far from slashing the structure by the standard 25% the proposals only remove two ADs bringing the number down from 30 to 28 and savings described in the document although impressive appear to relate to other reviews such as the performance and strategy restructure where about 50% cuts are expected.

This is all set against the backdrop of the most draconian cuts in a generation set out last week by toffee nosed Chancellor, George Osbourne. The review is a long way from making those with the broadest shoulders bear the biggest load.     

To make matters worse the procedure has not been followed meaning no job matching, job descriptions or equality impact assessment. These omissions have led to much disquiet amongst managers directly affected by the review who believe, rightfully so, that they deserve the same treatment as those lower down the pay scale. Unison would not disagree with this view however the axe must swing both ways! Sure managers earning up to £125,000.00 per year should be treated fairly and have their contracts honoured but they should also remember that we are all in this together and be prepared to share the pain their staff are currently going through!

Hackney Unison believes that the cuts agenda is being driven not by a need to force down the deficit but rather to fulfil the twisted ideological dreams of the Tory party which has spent the past 13 years waiting to shrink the state by selling our jobs off to the private sector and letting those in most need suffer on the scrap heap. There are alternatives to smashing the welfare state and public sector, such as imposing a levy on banking transactions, or even more revolutionary sticking a single percent rise on corporation tax. Perhaps the government could start by recovering some of the millions of taxes avoided by big business in this country every year thus making those who really can afford to take a hit do so!

Members have asked Hackney Unison to set up a petition asking the Chief Executive to rethink his plans and to reduce the cost of senior management further to demonstrate the commitment of the highest paid to making savings. To sign the petition click  Top-Tier Restructure Petition. To look at the comments Unison  has already submitted click Top Tier Comments.


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