Survey Results

The results of the terms and conditions survey are in, thank you to all those who took part. We asked around 800 members in the council to answer seven questions relating to changes to terms and conditions in relation to restructuring, redundancy and redeployment, 235 responded. We will now either reject or accept the new terms at this afternoons meeting with councillors the CJC. The results of the survey are as follows.

Question 1

Job Matching and Assimilation

Accept 25

Reject 206

Abstain 4

Question 2

Consultation affecting less than 20 staff

Accept  5

Reject 220

Abstain 10

Question 3

Commencement of Formal Consultation

Accept 178

Reject 42

Abstain 15

Question 5


Accept 216

Reject 6

Abstain 13

Question 5

12 Weeks Notice

Accept  219

Reject 3

Abstain 13

Question 6

Contractual Change

Accept 186

Reject 34

Abstain 15

Question 7

Voluntary Redundancy

Accept 133

Reject 86

Abstain 16

Response rate was 29.38%

The results have given us a clear mandate for this afternoon and thanks once again to all those who took part.


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