Support your fellow workers on June 30

Members will have seen the news that education workers and civil servants will be taking strike action on the 30th June in defence of their pensions, and in the case of PCS the wholesale slaughter of the Department of Work and Pensions by the Tory government.

This is an important strike and marks a distinct change in the tactics of the national unions who are, for the first time since the 1970s, coordinating their action to maximise its effectiveness.

At the same time the government focuses all its malice on the civil servants, teachers, lecturers and classroom assistants, it is also looking into ‘reforming’ our pensions with a view to us paying more, earning less and working harder for longer. We will be next and so, we too, need to be prepared to stand up to the government when the time comes.

No one wants to go on strike; it is the last resort but it is also the most powerful weapon that we as workers have in defence of our jobs and conditions of employment.

The members of the ATL, NUT, UCU and PCS,  will be feeling pretty apprehensive about taking this action and we know how daunting it can be to stand on a picket line, so we are asking our members to show solidarity on the day by stopping and talking to those on the pickets in Hackney at the job centre and DWP building in Sylvester path and across the boroughs schools and colleges.

By showing our solidarity in their time of struggle we can build a stronger trade union movement in this borough and when the time comes for us to take action hopefully that solidarity and support will be returned.

Members can send a message of support to their public sector colleagues who are fighting for all of us by e-mailing the NUT branch at:, ATL at or the local PCS branch here:


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