Support Library Staff – Lobby the Council

So the council is trying to cut services and staff in the Libraries however in a bid to create a ‘sustainable long term future’ for the service. This mean 25% job cuts and downgrading of lower graded staff from scale 4 to scale 3.

Staff claim there are alternatives to the slash and burn approach and have highlighted (in some case over many years) a number of areas where significant sums of money could be saved if inefficient and broken practice and process were sorted out.

Anyway staff in the service have worked really hard to build a solid local campaign which has seen thousands sign petitions or write to the mayor to protest against the plans. So many people have signed petitions that the council is now going to debate the restructure the next full meeting of the council on Wednesday 20th July and so staff are planning to lobby the meeting to make their voices heard on the night.

Details of the lobby can be found here: Library Lobby Leaflet and we are asking members from other council departments to show their solidarity with library staff and come along on Wednesday between 6.00pm and 7.00pm.

It is really important that we as trade unionist show our support for members who are currently going through restructures and redundancies. So please come along on Wednesday to lobby councillors because next time it could be your job on the line.


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