Calling All Barnet Residents

Some members will be aware of the unfolding situation in Barnet where the council has effectively set about outsourcing all council services. The One Barnet vision is a Tory brainchild and basically involves the wholesale privatisation of the borough leaving just a handful of commissioners employed directly by the council.

The plans face widespread discontent and protest from local trade unions and community groups as well as lots of individual residents upset at what they believe will result in unaccountable private firms profiteering from the most disadvantaged in our communities.

Our brothers and sisters Barnet Unison have been mounting a campaign of industrial action for the past few months with over 400 staff from selected departments taking industrial action short of strike action to remain employees of the council. The campaign continues today with a half day strike of revenue raising sections and a rally outside Hendon Town Hall at 5.30 tonight. The day of protest has been dubbed Barnet Independence Day.

Barnet and Hackney Unison have long had close ties and the Secretary of Barnet Unison, John Burgess has worked tirelessly for years to defend his members from the excesses of Tory political dogma. John is an outstanding trade unionist who has in the past lent much support to our members here in this borough in their time of need.

We are asking all of our members who live in Barnet to take half an hour on your way home tonight to pass by Hendon Town Hall and show your support for fellow Unison members who are taking action to protect Barnet’s public services.

Details of the protest can be found here : BARNET NEEDS YOU 1


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