A message from the General Secretary


Ballot closes November 3

Take the last chance to save your pension – vote YES in the pensions ballot

I’m writing to you because proposed changes to your pension threaten most of you with having to work longer, pay more and get less when you eventually retire.

These changes are unfair. They mean that many hard working UNISON members will be paying 50% more a month into their pension, working for much longer, and then retiring on a pension worth around 15% less.

UNISON, along with many other public sector unions, is balloting for industrial action. I’m urging you to vote in the ballot and to vote YES.

The ballot closes on 3 November – make sure you’ve posted your vote before then.

It’s urgent that we let relevant ministers know that UNISON members don’t deserve this treatment and that we’re serious about saying ‘enough is enough’.

As your general secretary, I am asking you to use your vote, even at this late stage: we know that those who are against us will argue that any abstention is a No vote and means you’re in favour of the attacks on your pension. Don’t give them that excuse!

So act now and vote YES to defend your pension. And forward this email to your work colleagues and friends …


Dave Prentis
General Secretary

PS If you haven’t received your ballot paper, or if you need a replacement, remember you’ve got until midday on 31 October to call the ballot hotline on 0845 355 0845.

For more information on the campaign go to our pension campaign web pages.


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