Strike November 30

If you are a trade union member then you should be taking strike action on November 30. This dispute affects us all whether you are a bin man or a social worker, manager or officer you will lose out under the plans being proposed by governement. In fact the better paid you are the more money you will lose. So don’t think this isn’t about you and don’t leave it to someone else to sort out join the strike on Wednesday.

Please come along to your workplace on the day and peacefully picket outside your office or depot. You should not obstruct anyone from entering the building but do your best to persuade others not to work. Pick up placards, horns, whistles and leaflets from the branch office before the 30th.


Rally outside the town hall at 10.30 and join with hundreds of other local workers in telling this government to shove off. Then travel into toLondonto join the national demo.


The strike committee has agreed to cover the cost of everyone’s breakfast on the day. If you are picketing in the town hall campus area then you can get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and a roll from 7 am from the Moth Club on Valette Street . If you work in a satellite office or depot then use your local café and keep the receipt. The branch will cover the cost of food and drink up to a total value of £2.50 per member.


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