Don’t Let Someone Else Defend YOUR Pension

Tomorrow we strike! Not just us, we join nearly 3 million public servants in solidarity to take action to defend our pension.

There’s no point going over the details of what we’re fighting for, if you don’t know by now then you should make the effort to find out just  how much more you will pay, how much longer you will have to work and roughly how much you will lose.

This is about more than just pensions it is about the future of public services in this country and the type of life we want to promote for our children. This might sound strong but the choice is stark, either we allow this disgraceful and illegitimate government to systematically dismantle the public sector or we stand together and fight for a fairer society where those who can and should pay do.

Our pensions did not cause the recession!  It’s got nothing to do with the Greek or Italian bailout! The campaign against us is being  driven by the ideology of a Tory government that wants to drive down the working conditions for all working people whether there’s  recession or not.  We should not be fooled by the rhetoric of the politicians.

We joined the union because we wanted to work together to solve our problems collectively. This is a major problem which will make us all poorer and reverse decades of progress made by workers in improving terms and conditions of employment. Once our pensions have been stolen we will never get them back!

This is why we joined a trade union so if you’re in Unison you should be on strike tomorrow

What you should do tomorrow

First and foremost DO NOT GO TO WORK!

Come along to your normal place of work at your normal start time and talk to your colleagues on the picket line. Unison stewards will be picketing outside the majority of buildings around the town hall/Mare Street area and at depots across the borough. There will also be a picket at Stoke Newington Town Hall and at various libraries. Wrap up warm and bring a brolly but do come along and support your colleagues on the day. Don’t leave it to someone else to do!

At 10.30 there is a rally in the Town Hall Square.  Lots of people from the community and other trade unions will be joining us there. We aim to be finished by 11.30.

The important thing to remember is you are not going to be at work so after the pickets you can do whatever you like, enjoy yourself.  We would encourage staff to attend the national demonstration in London:


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