Support Staff vote for strike action at Horizon and Downsview Schools

Support staff at Horizon and Downsview Special Schools have voted to take strike action following the management decision not to implement the pay grade agreed as part of the borough wide Single Status review of pay and conditions.

Staff, who work with the children with the highest level of special educational needs, will lose out to the tune of £2300 per year as a result of the decision and so are rightfully angry.

The decision was taken when management at the school realised they would need to pay staff a decent wage to undertake their full range of duties and so a lower grade was imposed.

This is despite the fact that management themselves designed the job description for staff which was subsequently evaluated by four independent evaluators under a universally applied objective evaluation scheme.

A formal strike ballot is now being processed by the Unison head office and staff expect to take the action in the early spring.

The branch has written an open letter to local disability support groups and forums alerting them of the action a copy of that letter can be found here: Letter to Parents – Horizon and Downsview Schools.

We will keep readers updated as the dispute develops.


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