Suffolk Estate TMO Cuts

Suffolk Estate Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) are proposing to cutback on caretaking/estate cleaning services and put our members jobs at risk. The management plans will affect 300 residents living on Suffolk Estate off the Broadway Market.

TMO management have proposed a £12,000 cut to services which Hackney Unison members working for the TMO oppose. Hackney Unison understands the need for the TMO to reduce spending however we have made counter proposals which save £17,000(a full five grand more than the management proposal) whilst at the same time protecting the jobs of our members and the services provided to residents. Our proposals are costed and identify clear and easily achievable savings which will protect and even improve service delivery on the estate.

How Can I Support Unison Members?

We are asking TMO residents to support our proposals by reading the management and Unison proposals to see which they think will work best for them. The management proposal can be viewed here: TMO Proposal.

The Hackney Unison counter proposal can be viewed here: Hackney Unison Counter Proposal.

The management response and our reply can be viewed here: TMO Response to Unison Proposal and here: Hackney Unison Further Response.

Unison members have voted to take sustained strike action to defend their jobs and services. This is always a last resort however we have been negotiating with management for four months but are no closer to an agreement on this matter. We remain committed to resolving disputes through dialogue and believe we have taken a reasonable and pragmatic approach throughout this consultation but cannot allow services to be cut back when viable alternatives to redundancies exist.

If you are a  Suffolk Estate resident and would like to support the staff that work for you then please contact the TMO Committee via the TMO office to express your concerns. You can e-mail the TMO Committee @ or by telephone on 020 7923 3774.

We believe that we can solve the financial problems the TMO faces and save jobs and services. Please support our members.

For further information or if you would like us to send you a paper copy of the proposals please contact Hackney Unison on 0208 356 4062 or e-mail



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