Don’t Forget to Vote in the Local Government Pay Ballot

Unison is balloting members on whether or not they are willing to take strike action over this year’s pay offer of 1%. The ballot has already opened and will run until 23rd of June and it’s really important that you vote so we know what you want us to do and whether or not you are prepared to take industrial action to secure a better pay rise.

Remember we have had a pay freeze for the past few years and pay has failed to rise in line with inflation for many years. The TUC reckons that in real terms public sector pay has fallen in value by a whopping 18% since 2010 with pay in the whole workforce rising slower than it ever has since the 1870s. That’s why it is so important that you cast your vote and send this governement a strong message that enough is enough.

As said the governement is offering just 1% which equates to a paltry £272.79 per year for a scale six officer. That works out at an extra £22.73 per month which after tax and deductions will work out at even less. Unison and the other national trade unions have asked for £1 an hour on all pay rates. This means that the same scale six officer would receive £1877.15 a year or £156.43 a month.

The ballot closes on 23rd June and all affected members should have received a ballot paper to their home address. If you haven’t yet received a ballot paper you should contact Unison direct on 0800 0857 857 to request one. the last chance to request a ballot is by noon on 18th June.

We last took strike action in 2011 over pensions and whilst we could have taken more action to secure a better deal you will remember that the governement vastly improved its offer to us after we went out on strike. There’s no reason why we can’t secure a better deal this time if we deliver a strong vote on a good turnout.

We are all in a union because we believe in collectively sorting out our problems together. It’s not fair to expect the public sector to take all the pain when it comes to the ‘economic recovery’. We all have bills and rent to pay and the governement cannot simply expect us to take a hit every year in our wages.

Make sure you vote in the Local Governement pay ballot.   



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  1. PCS is also balloting its members for action on the same day – I feel its interesting also that our dispute is not with our employers at all (in fact they may be very sympathetic!) but with the Coalition Government. Sooner they are gone the better!

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