Time For Some Action

Unison members have voted to take strike action on the 10th July over the issue of pay and Hackney Unison asks all our members working for the council and in schools to take all out strike action on that day. 

To recap, the government of millionaires has offered us a derisory 1% pay rise. If you want to work out what that will mean for you then just divide your annual salary by 100 and then subtract a further 30% from the figure you get to account for tax and other deductions. For an average staff member it means about an extra £200 or so a year or £17 a month; a pittance.

In the last four years local government staff have received just 1% in additional pay so since 2010 the average council worker is only £200 or so better off. But of course none of us are better off because inflation during that time runs at a much higher rate than 1%. So in real terms we are all at least 14% worse off than we were since the Tories and their Lib Dem hang ons took over.

It’s not just the pay that makes us worse off than before it’s also the fact that we are all working harder than ever before with fewer resources as the government has also slashed millions from our budgets and cut hundreds of our colleagues jobs. 

Enough is enough and something has to change. We can’t expect those in charge to sort us out, they haven’t. We have to rely on ourselves to challenge what we are being offered and fight for more. We can win a better pay deal but only if we all go on strike and shut the council and schools on the 10th July.

And don’t think you can selfishly leave it to someone else to go on strike and win you more money in your pay packet. We all have to take action if we want to make a difference. We are all in a union and that means we should all stick together.

If you are skint and think you can’t afford to go on strike then we can provide assistance to those facing financial hardship as a result of taking industrial action. Be sure of one thing though if you’re skint now you’ll be skinter next year with such a rubbish pay rise and prices of everything from rent to food rising much faster than our pay. If you think you’re too important to go on strike you’re not. we all get the same pay deal so we all benefit from a better settlement. If you don’t believe in striking then perhaps you don’t understand what it is to be in a union!

We should all be clear about one thing. That is that if we don’t fight we don’t win. To the government we are nothing more than a payroll number, a tiny cog in a massive wheel. David Cameron doesn’t care about you or your mortgage or your family or your pay he just wants to sell your job to a private company, smash the power of local government and pay you as little as he can. So don’t let him beat us.

Come to the general meeting on the 2nd July at 12.30 in the Town Hall and go on strike on 10th July.  



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  1. Good luck for the 10th! It should be some day…

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