Join the Strike on 10 July

As Thursday approaches we write to ask all members working for the Council or in a state maintained school to take strike action on 10 July.
Let’s be very clear about this, the only way workers can affect any change in this dispute is to withdraw their labour en masse, on the day of the strike.
That means you and me and every other Unison member working for Hackney Council.
Council workers provide more public services, to more people, more often than any other part of the public sector. Despite this we have all been hit harder than any other part of the public sector since the Tories took office in 2010.
Since 2010 we have received just 1% extra pay. To be clear that’s not 1% extra per year but just 1% in the last four years.
In fact the TUC tell us that the average full time London worker is now receiving, in real terms, £3,151 per year less than they were in 2010.
We’ve taken a hit on our pay and not taken action during this time but it is simply unfair for workers who provide such a varied and vital range of services to be expected to keep losing out every year.
The loss in real terms pay is compounded by the fact that so many staff have lost their jobs over the past four years. This means that we are all working harder than ever before but on less money in real terms than four years ago. In fact our living standards have dropped to the lowest level for nearly a century and this has to stop.
And that’s not all the government that expects us to take the hit for their failed policies in the economy has made such swinging cuts that many more staff will face the chop over the next couple of years.
What does this all mean? Simple:
Either we work harder and harder on less and less each year making it more and more difficult for us to make ends meet.
Or we all take a stand and all go on strike on Thursday for a decent pay rise.
This is not a fight with our employers but a fight with this government none of whom have ever understood what it is to struggle on low pay like so many of our members working in schools or in part time jobs in the manual sector. The government does not care about any of us they just want to cut our jobs and hand our services over to their millionaire friends in the private sector who will bleed the state dry for the benefit of their shareholders.
We can make a difference and we can win but we can only win if we fight, if you are in Unison you should be on strike on Thursday.


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