Holding The Line

With just two weeks to go until we go on strike the Government has made a renewed pay offer in an insulting attempt to avert a walk out on 14th October.
Whilst the offer is risible it shows that the action we are taking is having an effect on a wavering Government. (A breakdown of the complicated offer can be found below)
At the same time Midwives become the latest group of workers to vote for strike action and will walk out, for the first time in their history, on 13th October along with NHS workers.
With civil servants in the PCS union striking on the 15th, a million and a half workers will be taking action, across the public sector, over the week, all for fair pay.
In local government we ALL need to do our bit and keep the pressure up on the Tories, who this week, at their conference, are busy telling us how much more they will make us suffer if they win the next election.
Whilst the Tories meet to sup champagne and wonder which MP will be next to defect to the despicable UKIP the mega global accounting firm Ersnt and Young reported yesterday that they forecast a ‘lost decade’ of wage growth.
EY are the latest pundits to remind us that we have been paid less and less in real terms, every year for the past 30 and confirm that, in their opinion, this is set to continue until at least 2017.
There is however some good news in their otherwise pretty gloomy report. The report which can be viewed here: http://www.ey.com/UK/en/Issues/Business-environment/Financial-markets-and-economy/EY-ITEM-Club-special-report-on-consumer-spending—In-detail says that as the labour market grows ‘the biggest benefits are likely to be enjoyed at the top end the income distribution range’, so that’s alright then! the rich continue to get richer and the rest of us just have to soak up the pain.
We must surely realise that we have real power and in the run up to the election the Tories won’t want a load of industrial strife. There are growing calls for an increase in living standards and this can only be achieved by paying workers more.
Our claim is fair and affordable, it’s all about priorities and what we value as a society. We think most people believe in decent public services staffed by properly paid workers but the Government do all they can to undermine workers rights, pay and conditions for no other reason than to bolster the profits of big business and vested interest.
But the tables are turning and in the run up to a week of strike action followed by a massive demonstration on the 18th in Central London we MUST join with all the other workers walking out in two weeks time and hold the line and if we do we can expect more concessions from the Government and a better standard of living for everyone in the public sector.
This dispute is bigger than local government it’s not just about pay, it is a struggle against austerity and the mendacious policies of the rich and powerful who want us to do as they say rather than do as they do.



The breakdown of the renewed pay offer has been very helpfully prepared by Lambeth Unison and can be viewed here: Offer and Comment


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One response to “Holding The Line

  1. Denis Lenihan

    Well said Hackney Unison – I will certainly be supporting your action..

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