Hackney Unison support the National Stop War on the Kurds demonstration Sunday 6th March

stwksAt this week’s branch committee Hackney Unison passed the following motion and encourage members to support this demonstration. Check http://www.stopwaronkurds.org for more details


This branch/committee/union notes

– the recent attacks on Kurdish communities in Turkey by the Turkish military, that have killed nearly 200 people, including senior politicians and community activists

– that the 25 million Kurds in Turkey have suffered decades of repression including the deaths of 30,000 Kurds in a war for autonomy and civil rights in the 1980s/90s

– that there are 300,000 Kurdish refugees in the UK

– that the Kurdish community had overwhelmingly supported the HDP party which received over 12% or 6 million votes at elections in 2015, a party calling for equal rights for Kurds and labour and other civil rights for minorities in Turkey

– that the Turkish state responded to this vote for peace and rights, by attacking Kurdish cities with helicopter gunships, occupying with tanks and using snipers to murder activists

– the support for ISIS in Syria by Turkey including allowing free flow of ISIS soldiers and weapons across the border and treatment of ISIS casualties in Turkish hospitals, while stopping aid to Kurdish fighters in Syria

– that Turkey is a member of NATO and a key ally of the UK [and USA] in the Middle East and is supported by the UK in its attacks on the Kurds, that UK business earn millions from arms/security deals in Turkey including Land Rover, and continues to criminalise membership of the PKK, the liberation movement of the majority of Kurds in Turkey and the UK, which restricts Kurds ability to organise politically

– the damaging environmental and political dangerous dam and pipeline building programmes in Kurdish areas of Turkey like the Ilisu Dam project

This branch/committee/union believes

– that the UK government needs to put pressure on Turkey to stop attacks on the Kurds, and to finally give Kurds equal rights in Turkey, which it can do due to Turkeys desire to join the EU, and membership of NATO.

– that the UK Trade unions and Left and Green movement need to help create a solidarity movement to put significant pressure on the UK government to take action against Turkey

This branch/committee/union resolves 

– to support the national STOP TURKEYS WAR ON THE KURDS! Break the Silence!  demonstration on Sunday March 6th 2016 by publicising, providing transport and helping finance12801251_533189463529293_2789312083247186157_n


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