Hackney Unison supports the Junior Doctors!

Hackney Unison Branch Committee passed this motion at our meeting this week.

Hackney Unison branch committee notes that the Government, through health minister Jeremy Hunt, has signalled their intention to impose the new contract on Junior Doctors from this August. 

We note that a number of NHS chief executives, although supportive of the new contract have opposed imposition under pressure. But Hunt is threatening cuts to funding if they don’t carry it out. 

We support the defiant struggle of the Junior Doctors and their union the BMA, which is continuing with further days of strike action which will be supplemented by a legal challenge. 

We condemn the contract imposition and resolve to give support and solidarity to the BMA and their members in the action that they take, including local protests and lobbies to pressure Trusts to refuse to implement the contract. 

We call on the NEC and all constituent parts of the union and branches to invite BMA members to address their meetings and visit Junior Doctors’ picket lines. 

We believe that this imposition is part and parcel of a wider Tory attack on the NHS, including the real likelihood of similar changes to terms and conditions of other NHS workers 

We therefore resolve that Unison should call on the TUC to urgently convene a special General Council with an invitation to the BMA and the other health unions. 

This meeting should discuss organising an emergency Saturday national demonstration on the theme of ‘Defending the NHS, supporting the Junior Doctors’ and co-ordinating industrial action against Tory health service cuts and their effect on health workers, such as the attack on NHS bursaries 

We believe that such a demonstration could coincide with planned industrial action called by the BMA Junior Doctors committee



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