Your Local Steward – Please contact the Branch Office for up to date rep information

Hackney Council Stewards 2011

Michael McCoy – Mental Health 

Ross Hatfull – Benefits

Gurjit Bansal – Call Centre

Hashim Bhaijee – Young Hackney

Ciara Burke – Lead Representative CYPS 

Issy Harvey – Young Hackney

Mandy Richards – Young Hackney

Charlotte Bence – Childrens Social Care

Vanessa Nelson – Childrens Social Care

Brian Debus – Libraries

Clementina Anya – Libraries

Samirah Shariff – Libraries

Gary Chaplin – Libraries

Gerard Mason – Libraries

Brian Gardner – Welfare Officer

Elaine Seghir – Adults Access Services

Trevor Scott – Meels on Wheels 

Len Stephenson – Adult Social Services

Alex Alves – Lead Representative Health and Community Services

Andy Clifford – Parks

Paul Childs – Parks

Lee Holloway – Parks

Lee Ray – Facilities Management

Imran Mulla – Revenues and Benefits

Claire Bunker – Trading Standards

Steve Brownjohn – DAAT/DV/DART

Robert Priest – Pest Control

Rusty Ebrahim – Housing Needs

Ryan Milne – Parking Services

Simion Spencer-Cusick – Private Sector Housing

Tom McCotter – Lead Representative Planning and Regulaltory Services

Wendy Carrier – Environmental Enforcement

Health and Safety

Lee Ray – Health and Safety Officer

Les Jones – Parks (Marshes)

Alex Alves – Parks (London Fields)

Hackney Homes Stewards

Helen Toner – Lead Representative Hackney Homes

Joy Ukaegbu – Tenancy and Leasehold

Aasia Attas – Tenancy and Leasehold

Elli Papamichael – Tenancy and Leasehold

Andy McDonagh – Tenancy and Leasehold

Joseph Persaud – Finance

Paul Merry – Property Services

Derek Price – Estate Cleaning

Abraham Gibson – Estate Cleaning

Donald Williams – Estate Cleaning

Ken Coleman – Estate Cleaning

Livingstone Jones – Estate Cleaning and Health and Safety

Neil Lovell – Estate Cleaning

Glyn Harries – Grounds Maintenance

Paul Farrell – Woodberry Down Regeneration

Johanna Evans – Property Services

Ali Demirci – Property Services

Health and Safety

Emmanuel Malm – Tenancy and Leasehold


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